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              A survey has found that needlestick injuries are far more common than previously thought. In April 2019, Mölnlycke® commissioned a first of its kind survey from SERMO, the largest global social network for physicians. 

              Learn more about the SERMO survey

              What will healthcare look like in the next 10 years?

              Mölnlycke® is now taking a major leap forward with what we call Healthcare Intelligence  – it is a smart combination of products, data, technology and insights.

              Learn more about the future of woundcare

              You have what it takes

              Proving it every day

              Healthcare professionals inspire our wound management, prevention and surgical solutions. Their relentless search for new and better ways to care for patients drives us to innovate. They have what it takes to make a difference to the lives of their patients. And theyre proving it every day.

              Watch and see what we mean.

              Help us to improve healthcare outcomes

              Does helping to make life better for millions of people motivate you? If you want to make your mark in a growing healthcare company, find out about Mlnlycke careers.

              Available jobs

              We are always looking for talented people who have the skills we need and a commitment to improving outcomes for healthcare professionals and patients.



              Topical oxygen therapy and faster wound healing: Join this webinar discussing the clinical and cost benefits of topical oxygen therapy in treating chronic wounds, 12 Dec, 8.00 AM GMT/9.00 AM CET/3:00 PM CST  Watch on-demand

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